Thursday, October 22, 2015


This has been a very long month for me. I've lost count of how many doctors appointments I've had in the last three weeks. I had to fight to have an ultrasound done properly - it took six months, and they still were not willing to give me a whole breast bilateral here in BC. My Oncologist surgeon in Calgary was livid, as was my psychiatrist.

Apparently here in BC hospitals, as I'm told by the radiologist, they will not perform whole breast ultrasounds only "targeted" ones.

"Show me your lump and I'll scan it". I finally lost it, I broke into deep crying hysterics. I fought to have my simple six month post-op follow up ultrasound, requested in May of this year, to be done as per my Calgary surgeon's requisition. It took three ultrasound appointments and three inconclusive results, of me constantly trying to explain that I needed a whole-breast-bilateral to the radiology staff at Nanaimo hospital. I had the requisition in my hand "It is doctors orders" crying hysterically to the radiology technician this past Tuesday.

She finally relented in a tantrum huff and did the damned whole breast bilateral. At that point it had been a year since my last bilateral lumpectomy surgery.  An incredible five months had passed since my surgeon had still not seen a proper six month post-op follow up ultra sound as requested.

It has been two years in a row I've had surgery to remove multiple fibroids, five surgeries in total for both my breasts and twice removed from my uterus. I have no choice to be proactive.

NO ONE should EVER have to fight that hard for a simple procedure PERIOD!!!  I have a serious history of ovarian cancer and colon cancer in my blood lines. My mother lost her fight to both.

I'm scheduled for my regular five year colonoscopy tomorrow- because I'm a WARRIOR not a worrier.

Update: I ended up having two polyps removed from my colon - the lab results to rule out malignancy will be available to me in three weeks. Fingers crossed.

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